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Unconditional Love & The Art of Detachment: A Spiritual Perspective

Unconditional Love & The Art of Detachment: A Spiritual Perspective

May 07, 2015

Is unconditional love possible? When you look at the world vibrationally, love is identical energetically to appreciation and appreciation is nothing more than pure positive focus. So it can be said that unconditional love is the very same thing as positive focus that is not conditioned upon something that the person is looking at. In other words, unconditional love is the same as unconditional positive focus and is not conditioned on the way that someone acts. How many of us on this earth are truly capable of doing this? How many of us are truly able to focus positively on a person who has a gun pointed to our face. Not many. It can also be said that unconditional love is the exact same vibration as true enlightenment. We know how difficult it is to reach enlightenment – it is a life long practice. We also know that enlightenment is not a goal that we reach but a horizon line that continues to move further in the future with every desire we have and every perspective we are introduced to. It is the same with unconditional love. It is a practice – it is not a state we achieve and are done practicing when it is achieved.
In order for us to align with the experience of unconditional love we must learn the art of detachment. Detachment does not mean that you have to stop caring about another person does or what they think; it simply means to detach your happiness from the person so their actions are not affecting how you feel. If we are attached to the behaviour of someone or something then we are unable to be unconditionally loving as our positive focus depends on them. Our love is conditional upon how they behave. If you attached to them in this way then the relationship is parasitic; most current human relationships are. If this is the case, it then becomes important to control the person and how they act so you can be happy. If they must change to make you happy you don’t unconditionally love them. The first step as far as attachment is concerned is to admit to the fact that we are attached and that we feel completely helpless knowing that our happiness solely relies on what people do or don’t do. Learning detachment is a life long practice but I promise you the more you detach the more you will love.
To love someone conditionally is to say I love these good parts about you and I don’t love these bad parts about you. And for me to be happy I need those bad parts to go away so that I can feel good when I look at you, because the only thing I am looking at is what makes me feel good. Unconditional love is to say I am responsible for how I feel and I trust myself to focus at you in a way that makes me pay attention to things that make me feel good about you and so my love is not conditioned on what you do. You do not have to change one thing for me to feel good about you. And so I am capable of radiating love towards you 24 hours a day if that is my wish by virtue of having complete control of my own way of focusing upon you.